MUSCLES - 90 Day Muscle Building Guide

MUSCLES - 90 Day Muscle Building Guide

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This is a GYM based program is for people who are ready to invest in themselves. People who are tired of feeling like shit with low energy and are ready to DEMAND something more.
Here’s your opportunity to show up for yourself and make the changes you’ve always wanted but you’ve never known exactly how to commit. This is your commitment. 
You’re stronger than you know and this program will guide you through 3 months of workouts, progressive overload style that will improve your functional movement, strength, stability, and bone health. (And of course, give you those boulder shoulders, wings, and absolutely juicy dumpy with thicc quads and a small waist you’ve always wanted ;))
The program focuses on each body part so you can have a well rounded, functional physique that will make your ex cry themself to sleep.
It will be less of a transformation and more of just you becoming more of who you’ve always been, and you’ll have only yourself to thank for the results you see at the end.
The workout split is as follows:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Push
Wednesday: Cardio & Core
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Glutes
Saturday: Pull
You’ll want to keep track of the weight you’re using for each of the main lifts.. usually I’ll put the heaviest movements as the first 2-3 movements of the exercise where you can lift a significant amount of weight (unless otherwise specified, sometimes I mix in mobility at the beginning on upper body days). Keep track of the weight you’re lifting so that you can utilize progressive overload and get stronger each week. Depending on how hard you push yourself, you might need a de-load week every 6-8 weeks where you’ll cut the weight you use in half and do all the same exact workouts, just with half the weight to give your body and muscles time to repair. 
The program doesn’t include nutrition help, so I highly recommend tracking protein on your own to make sure you’re getting enough to recover and build muscle to also help you lose fat. (This concept is the same whether you’re wanting to build muscle, maintain weight, or lose fat). Get in 1 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight, or goal bodyweight. But remember your goal bodyweight is always heavier than you expect once you start putting on muscle.
The program focuses on each body part so you can have a well rounded, functional physique that will make your ex cry themself to sleep.
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