1 on 1 Training


Why me?

I am here for YOU. You are my top priority. It’s not as simple and diet and exercise to get you to your goals. It’s more like, “How can we achieve long term health upgrades that help you feel confident, energetic, empowered, that won’t burn you out in the process?”. My approach to training will focus on what we can ADD to your routine and lifestyle, rather than restrict. It is a long term approach, so it will take patience and hard work, but we are in this together.


What it involves

Workout program:

Focused on progression and progressive overload that is individualized to you and your needs and equipment you have available. Fun workouts that gets you excited and keeps you pushing yourself. Structured in a way that takes your stress levels, hormones, into account and is fluid to meet your needs that might differ from week to week.

Meal plans:

You will get a meal plan tailored to your preferences and needs and be flexible to leave you satisfied and carefree. We will work together to mend your relationship with food so that you can put time and energy elsewhere. Our goal is to make this the easiest part of your lifestyle upgrades.

Weekly Check-ins:

I will be your gym/home workout bestie. Here to motivate and encourage you, a support system. The weekly check-ins give us a time to connect and make sure your needs are getting met.

24/7 support will help you along your journey and keep you accountable, keeping you consistent. You have video demonstrations and form checkpoints to help build your confidence in yourself as well as educate you on the things you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.


We don’t live to workout, we workout so we can LIVE.

Helping you achieve health, energy, confidence, and empowerment so that you can live life to the fullest and upgrade your lifestyle in a way that adds to your life.

Using health as a way to give you the best life so that you can enjoy it to the fullest instead of being overcome with guilt and insecurities.


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